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Whitening is safe, provided your teeth and gums are healthy. You will need a check up to assess those.

It's best to have your teeth cleaned before you whiten. Cleaning will remove any external stains on your teeth. A check up and clean and all necessary xrays will cost $250. After you have had a clean we can take impressions to make your whitening trays. 

I wish my

teeth were as

white as my legs

this winter. but is whitening


Ok. Is there

anything else i

should do before whitening

my teeth?

Most whitening we do is on people over 50. Teeth naturally yellow with age and from your diet. The good thing about whitening natural teeth is that they won't look too white or silly (to do that you really need porcelain veneers). It costs $500 for upper and lower whitening. The kit we provide normally lasts 1-2 years. In the future if you need any extra whitening gel for top ups, they only cost about $30 per syringe which will generally last you for a year or more, so it's very cost effective long term.

How much is it?

And how long does it last? Am i too old

to get whitening?

The thing you bought over the internet didn't work. My lord! It is illegal in Australia to sell whitening products over the counter that have the active ingredient in concentrations greater than 0.1%. At those concentrations it is ineffective. Also, have you noticed that smokers toothpastes have disappeared?  No they haven't! They have simply been rebranded as whitening toothpastes. They can be very abrasive. Don't get me started on charcoal.

We want all our patients to have a smile they can broadcast. That's why we don't price whitening for profit. $500 includes the upper and lower custom trays, and 4 syringes of whitening gel

Will it work?

I've tried over the counter and internet fad whitening that did nothing!

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